Wisdom Teaching Temple
Wisdom Teaching Temple Wisdom Teaching Temple

 1. The Inception 
          The great propounder of New Age Wisdom, Kulapati Ekkirala Krishnamacharya, popularly known as MASTER E.K. established an international spiritual and service organisation called THE WORLD TEACHER TRUST in 1972 at Visakhapatnam, South India. When Master E.K. came to Machilipatnam in 1980, Sri Ch.S.N. Raju asked him to suggest a name for his classes and discourses. Master gave the name 'WISDOM TEACHING TEMPLE'. It is quite interesting that W.T.T. stands for both The World Teacher Trust and The Wisdom Teaching Temple. With this inspiration, Sri Raju established The Wisdom Teaching Temple at Machilipatnam in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India with a pious objective of disseminating the ancient wisdom through out the globe.

 2. The meaning of Wisdom 
          'After knowing which, nothing remains to be known' - is the archaic definition of wisdom. When it is known in its totality, it leads man from darkness to light, ignorance to illumination, from analysis to synthesis, from bondage to liberation, from conditioned personal living to unconditioned impersonal living and from 'manyness' to 'oneness'.

 3. Masters of Wisdom 
          The term 'Masters of Wisdom' in its spiritual sense is supposed to indicate a group of people working for the progressive aspect of creation. They are the Masters of Synthesis of all wisdom. They can handle the human constitution to make the machines of the body and mind function in their proper manner, so as to tune them to the higher intelligence in man. The real man is called the Spirit and the Scientists who train man to have his mind and intelligence, the senses and the physical organs function quite in tune with his spirit are called the Masters on the Spiritual plane. - Master E.K.

          These perfected beings have their abode in the Himalayas which is called 'Kalapa' and their group is called the 'Great White Brotherhood'. They guide the evolution of the beings on the earth. They consider themselves as elder brothers in evolution and make the younger brothers workout their evolution properly and attain Masterhood. Lord Maitreya, Maha Chouhan, Master Mourya, Master Koot Humi, Master Dwjhal Khul, Master Rackoji and Master E.K. are some of the Masters.

 4. Need of the Present day 
                    Today's world presents a most kaleidoscopic and complex picture. Everywhere we find divergent ideologies, diabolically opposite political systems and diversified cultural patterns with no common thought, purpose or programme. Nations and races with their narrow parochial tendencies are still waging wars against each other. Even some religious leaders of the world, forgetting the fundamental tenets of the Holy Scriptures are trying to glorify their own, instead of playing the role of a 'torch bearer' to the ignorant people. More harm than good is done in the name of religion. Of late we find communal and sectarian violence, and several atrocities are perpetrated causing huge loss to the human lives. Self-aggrandisement has become the only objective of life. No human relations! No human values! No peace, no harmony - so no happiness!

          At this critical situation the Wisdom Teaching Temple is doing its best to resolve the crisis and bring harmony and peace into the world. It started disseminating the ancient wisdom which emphasises the 'Fatherhood of God and brotherhood of man'. It reiterates religious tolerance, mutual cooperation and peaceful co-existence preached by the elders. Just as the saying "All rivers finally merge into ocean" all religions lead to Godhood. So, to develop affinity and amity and a sense of cooperation among various social groups The Wisdom Teaching Temple is trying to inculcate group living. It organises classes to educate and enlighten the people. Sri Raju is conducting group meditations, discourses and seminars in various places. He is also performing fire rituals (Homams) to receive the blessings from the presiding deities of the planets and various Deva intelligences for the welfare of humanity and the purification of the environment. He is utilising all his energies to transform the people into responsible citizens with a sense of sharing.

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