Wisdom Teaching Temple
Ch. S.N.Raju Wisdom Teaching Temple

The Architect of
The Wisdom Teaching Temple

Sri Ch.S.N. Raju

          Sri Ch.S.N. Raju came into contact of Master E.K. in 1970 at the age of 20. He was attracted by Master's speeches and his way of living. Sri Raju happened to go into the proximity of the 'Master', and he was magnetised by his presence. He found his solution, goal and everything at the feet of the Master. He at once submitted himself to His feet, and to the plan and programme of the Master.

          So many young people who are the followers of the Master, underwent intensive training, in so many branches of Wisdom with practical way of living. They were moulded into real citizens of the globe with self-confidence, self control, self-reliance and self-respect. They never sought employment anywhere. They were able to create self-employment. They provided employment for others also. Such trained followers of the Master were sent to various centres in the state. As a part of that programme Sri Raju was sent to Machilipatnam at the behest of the Master.

          Ever since the advent of his arrival at Machilipatnam, the seeds which were sown by the Master started sprouting forth. He did a lot of spade work for opening a centre here. Under his able guidance, now the centre animates with ebullient enthusiasm which he ignited and propelled with profound proficiency.

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