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The programme taken up by the Wisdom Teaching Temple
          In order to bring a socio-spiritual transformation in the world, the Wisdom Teaching Temple took up multifarious activities in the area of Yoga, Meditation, Spirituality, Healing Systems and Astrology. The programme includes training the people by conducting classes on : I. Scriptures, II. Yoga, III. Healing, IV. Astrology, V. New Age Education, VI. Social service, VII. Developing libraries, VIII. Publications, IX. Theosophy.

          In order to achieve this, Sri Raju is touring many countries and conducting classes and giving spiritual discourses and organising the groups. He is exhorting the people; inspiring them, motivating them to lead a pious life filled with love, sacrifice and service.


Scriptures : Regular discourses are given on Ancient Wisdom, Epics like Ramayana, Mahabharatha, Bhagavatham and Bhagavad-geetha and purport of the World Scriptures.


Yoga : The word 'Yoga' has many implications on the lowest level of understanding. The word indicates union of man-consciousness with God-consciousness. In a still higher plane, it indicates communion of man-consciousness with God-consciousness. So from the first stage one has to travel to the second stage. Then the third stage is unity, the individual becoming one unit with God consciousness. And then comes the fourth stage called synthesis or oneness. We are expected to pass through all the four stages before we attain yogic experience.

The purpose of Yoga in the present age
          Life is not a dull and dreary affair. "Human birth is a rare opportunity given to man" says Lord Krishna. Its purpose is to live happily and make others live in happiness. Master E.K. said, "Live your life, don't live away your life". But owing to ignorance man is making it a hell. So in this world of tensions and hyper tensions, turbulence and turmoil, Yoga makes one perfect in body and mind and takes him away from the regular hubub and humdrum of life and ensures him a happy and a purposeful living. It makes him live in poise and peace and do things with ease.

          To get yogic experience the body, mind and senses should be purified of their impurities and imperfections. Hence in the path of Yoga, the five Kosas (Sheaths) - Annamaya (Physical body), Pranamaya (Vital body), Manomaya (Mental body), Vijnanamaya (Will + Intellect) and Anandamaya Kosa (Pure bliss) - will be purified by Asanas, diet regulation, yogic exercises, Prayer, Scriptural study, Meditation and Pranayamas and by disciplined way of living. As an experienced teacher of Yoga Sri Raju is inspiring the aspirants to adopt and practise Yoga in daily life which leads to happy living.

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