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Healing : Master E.K. said, "There is no nobler and more pious thing in this world than healing the sick."

          In any system of healing, invoking the Cosmic energy or Universal life force or 'Plenty of Prana' as MASTER C.V.V. called, is almost common.

Invoking the Solar energy and transmitting it to the person who requires healing is called spiritual healing. There are many systems of healing like Reiki Healing, Melchi Zedek, Magnified Healing, Pranic Healing and Planetary Healing etc. The Wisdom Teaching Temple is giving training in the above healing systems.

Astrology : This ancient science is wrongly understood merely as a predictive science. On the contrary it is one of the six keys that unlock the secrets of Cosmic Wisdom.

          If we understand that every man is a planetary principle and planets deliver what is in store for him - the results of his past karmic entanglements, we can better know the purpose of Astrology.

          A proper study of this Sacred Science helps the man to understand himself and others better. In the process of learning Astrology one can develop the intuition and the faculty of discrimination, so that he will be aware of his potentials and at the same time his own demerits. The study of Astrology helps the individual to lead a meaningful and purposeful life.

          The Wisdom Teaching Temple on a regular basis is conducting classes to the students and providing them the opportunity to learn this ancient sacred science.


New Age Education : Master E.K. often used to say that "Education" is different from Literacy. Education makes man remember his responsibilities, while literacy makes man fight for his rights. With a sacred objective of preparing responsible citizens with right human values and right human relationships, MASTER E.K. BALABHANU VIDYALAYAM was established by Sri Raju as a reverential tribute to his mentor and Master. The curriculum followed in the school is a splendid admixture of both ancient and modern systems of education.


Social Service : The Wisdom Teaching Temple is always in the forefront in doing social service. During natural disasters like cyclones and heavy floods, clothes and food are distributed. During the prevalence of epidemic diseases like Cholera, Encephalitis and Conjuctivitis, the brotherhood toured villages extensively, organised medical camps and distributed free medicines. Sri Raju is a great Philanthropist and donated liberally to so many welfare programmes.


Developing Libraries : Nothing would be more important than to develop a library which is a repertoire and a reservoir of knowledge and wisdom. Sri Raju has a large collection of books on a wide range of subjects like Eastern and Western Philosophy, Theosophy, World Scriptures, Astrology, Literature, Yoga, Healing etc.


Publications : Sri Raju is also an experienced person in the field of Press and Publications. He has the great fortune of publishing great epics like Ramayana, Mahabharatha, Bhagavatham, Bhagavad-geetha and Kirthanas written by the great musician-saint Tyagaraja and other saints and many more spiritual books under TRIVENI PUBLISHING HOUSE banner. By himself he is a good writer and wrote many novels with Socio-Spiritual background. He was the editor of 'Navani', a Telugu Spiritual Monthly Magazine for five years.

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