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          Par-excellent are the Sons of Earth who live for all and love all. Master E.K. is one among such few. He learnt Veda and Ayurveda from his father and inherited Krishna-consciousness from his mother. He experimented the application of vedic truths on his life and found them practical and fruitful. He is a multi-cut diamond shedding forth love and light.

          Having come into spiritual contact with Master C.V.V. in his meditation, he has adopted an impersonal and motiveless path of service to humanity. As a part of it he established The World Teacher Trust in 1972.

          Master E.K. not only taught chanting of vedic hymns but also elucidated their intricate meanings. He brought out the contents of the various parts of vedas through books, keeping in view the common man.

          He gave out soul-stirring discourses on Spiritual Astrology, Psychology and spirituality, Descipleship today, Spiritual healing, The evolution of consciousness, The power of thought, The Science of reincarnation, Our responsibility to the lower kingdoms, The enigma of human nature, The Masters of wisdom, Illness in the transition period physical & mental, What is an electron, Alchemy in the age of Aquarius, Some basics of spiritual astrology, Education centres of the future, Music as an expression of life, Some basics of Ayurveda, Spiritual life, Inertia, dynamism and poise, The planetary chains, The power of habit, The positive and negative zero, The trinity or triangle, Purusha Suktam- in Switzerland.

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