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          Homoeopathic and ayurvedic medicine, Is loneliness the illness of mankind, Spiritual medicine of the individual, Various meditation methods, Ayurveda and Homoeopathy, Humanity face to it's destiny, The occultism of the zodiac, Pythagoras teachings, The word & the process of creation, 5000 years of mankind's spiritual history- in France.

          Astrology, homoeopathy, and healing, The spiritual citizen in the modern world, Emotion, reason, intuition, Love as the force of life, Ancient indian thought, Reincarnation, meditation, yoga & health, The evolution of consciousness, Approach orient and occident, Medicine & its function in today's world, The sense of life, Work as discipline & prayer, Astrology, prediction and prophecy, Health, hope and positive thinking, Yoga and healing, Healing and remedies, The tree of knowledge, Full moon meditation, explanations, The journey of the soul, the evolution of consciousness, The symbolism of the scriptures, Children's education, The significance of work, Seminar on numbers, Seminar on the manvantaras, The christ, Lord of love, The wisdom of the Buddha, The work of the Masters of wisdom- in Belgium.

          Education in the new age, Seminar on the seven rays, Spiritual healing and ayurvedic medicine, Cooperation of Human & Deva Kingdoms, The enigma of human nature and its solutions, The spiritual constitution of man, Agni Yoga, Yoga of synthesis, The creative use of sound & colour, The present time of crisis-transition period into the new, What is service, what does sacrifice mean, The seven keys, The 14 stations of Christ on the way to the cross, The polarity male-female in creation, Family life and education- in Germany.

          East-West relations, What is service and the meaning of sacrifice- in Denmark.

          His proficiency is par-excellent in Vedic, Esoteric, Spiritual and Mundane Astrology. He elegantly explained the Law of Correspondences between man and the solar system and how man is a seed of prospective solar system.

          Since Homoeopathy system of medicine is more scientific and economical, Master choose this as an excellent service media. He produced a number of Homoeo doctors by conducting Homoeo Classes. He opened a number of Homoeo Dispensaries all over the globe catering to the need of the sick. Thousands of patients of incurable diseases were cured by him.

          People used to throng wherever he went, either for his advice or for his kind look, or for his healing touch or to enjoy his presence because he identified every one as his self and not as other.

          His life work as described by him was "Writing". His writings cover Veda, Yoga, Astrology, Homoeopathy, Ayurveda, Ancient Wisdom, Puranic lore, Spiritual Practice, Psychology, Science of Mantra and Tantra, etc.,

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