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Spiritual Astrology Narayanakavacham
The Mandra Scripture The Science of Healing
The Yoga of Patanjali Science of Homoeopathy
Master C.V.V. Spiritual Psychology
Mystic Mantrams and Master C.V.V. Your Birthday Gift
Lessons on Vedic Hymns Our Heritage
Science of Man Vishnu Sahasranama
Man Sacrifice Music of the Soul
Book of Rituals Wisdom of the Heavens

          As a messenger of the Masters of the Himalayas, he gave necessary training to the deserving followers and linked them with their respective Ashrams of Masters. In order to fulfil the task of "The Fusion of East and West" entrusted by the masters, he not only toured the East, but also the Western Countries like Belgium, Germany, France, Denmark, Italy, Switzerland, Holland and U.S.A.

          E.K. is not only a name nor an organization but A WAY OF LIFE TO SERVE, LOVE AND ENLIGHTEN ALL.

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