Wisdom Teaching Temple
The World Teacher Trust

          The world Teacher Trust was established by Kulapathi Ekkirala Krishnamacharya at Viskhapatnam on 18th November, 1971. His followers who have committed themselves to be channels to distribute love to the world through service to the humanity became the members of the trust and carrying out the plan and programme given by the Master. Now the The World Teacher Trust has a number of branches all over the globe.

          Master E.K. the founder of the World Teacher Trust in his frequent visits to Machilipatnam, gave out enlightening discourses on the scriptures. His untiring effective and fruitful medical treatments and lectures became talk of the day. It culminated in opening a branch of the W.T.T. here at Machilipatnam. Sri Ch.S.N. Raju a disciple of the Master at Viskhapatnam came to this place and did a lot of spade work and spearheaded many projects and programmes. Now the centre is blossoming with many activities. Under the able leadership of Sri Ch.S.N. Raju the following activities have been going on over a span of 22 years.

          Every day at 6 p.m. after prayer the Homoeo clinic opens. Consultation and medicines are freely available.

          During prevalence of epidemic and viral diseases brotherhood travel extensively even to remote villages and hamlets and distribute preventive medicines freely. During Natural disasters like cyclones brother hood distributed clothes and anti-cholera medicines in the effected areas. During the outbreak of Encephalites, Conjuctivitis free medical camps were conducted.

 Spiritual Functions  
          In the Temple of Lord Sri Rama situated in the W.T.T. premises, every day Shodasopachara Puja, Recitation of Hanuman Chaleesa are performed. Fire ritual (Homam) with Forty days vow, and with Vishnusahasranama, Lalitha Sahasranama and Rudra Suktha are being performed. To ward off the malefic effects of the planets Navagraha Santhi Homam (Fire Ritual of the Nine Planets) is performed occasionally.

          'Seetharama Kalyanam', 'Sarannavarathri festivals', 'Goda Kalyanam' are being conducted splendorously by the brotherhood. Every Friday 'Lalitha Sahasranama Puja' is conducted by the ladies.

          Since 1981 the brotherhood has been conducting every year Master E.K., Master C.V..V., 'Gurupuja celebrations with devotion and dedication. To instil sense of sharing which is the Aquarian principle and to develop group living, Master E.K. started conducting these celebrations on the lines of our ancient tradition of conducting 'Satrayagas' in the forests by the sages and the saints.