Wisdom Teaching Temple
Ch. S.N.Raju Wisdom Teaching Temple

          In 1980 when Kulapathi Ekkirala Krishnamacharya established a branch of the World Teacher Trust, in Machilipatnam, the Triveni Publishers was taken over by him and he appointed Sri Ch.S.N. Raju as its M.D. He immediately took steps, not only to publish 'Uttara Kanda' but also 'Srimad Bhagavatham' by Yamijala Padmanabha Swamy, and 'Maha Bharatam' by Sri Pilaka Ganapathi Sastry. Under his management, he reprinted Tyagaraja, Muthu Swamy and Syama Sastry Keerthanas and Jnaneswari Bhagavadgeetha. He reprinted the above Ramayana eleven times. Responding to the revolutionary trends that swept across the world in recent years in the field of printing, of late, he brought out the 12th edition of 'Srinivasa Siromani Ramayanam' in elegant offset colours with Computer Type Setting.

          With a sacred and a selfless motive of disseminating the ancient wisdom and cultural heritage of India, not only in A.P. and India but also the world over whereever our Telugu people are staying, he has undertaken this great task of publishing the above books.

          He has also plans and schemes to publish the abridged editions of above books in English, so that the whole world will be benefitted by the ageless wisdom given by our sages and saints.

          But all of you know, this ambitious project needs the cooperation and support from all of you as the sons and daughters of our sacred land, the land of culture and spiritual heritage.

May God bless you all.